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The wedding between Marcelle Abi Salloum and Peter Engholm was held Saturday May 10, 2003 at a traditional Scanian farm, Nils Holgersson gården, in the small village of Västra Vemmenhög in south Sweden. On this site you will find information, pictures, and video clips from the wedding. Click on pictures to get larger-size versions. You can also download material that may be useful if you are planning your own wedding (wedding invitation, programs, et.c.).

The ceremony began at 16.00 in the small garden next to the farm and was held in three languages, Swedish, French and English - brilliantly ministered by pastor Carl Sundberg (see Wedding Ceremony). A cocktail was served following the ceremony, and the wedding party began thereafter inside the farm (see Cocktail & Party). Finally, a brunch was held in the small fishing village Böste the day after, where the newly-weds were celebrated.

Marcelle and Peter met in Australia, some day in March 2000, when Marcelle came to Australia as an exchange student and moved into the house that Peter shared with a friend. Nothing happened between them that year, although some initial sparks were noted by both family members and friends... They eventually became a couple on New Year's day 2001, and got engaged in November that year (see Our Engagement). The couple recently bought a house in a village just outside Trelleborg, Sweden, and both work in the region.

Enjoy your stay!

Produced by Peter and Marcelle.
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