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Some 65 guests attended the wedding ceremony that was held in the small, beautiful garden of Nils Holgersson gården. Although it was not sunny and warm during the whole ceremony, there was never and risk for rain, and the backup plan - to be in Västra Vemmenhög church - was never needed to be considered. As the ceremony was held in three languages, guests also had a choice of these languages for the printed program so that they could understand what was said! (see Downloads & Materials)

The Ceremony

Marcelle walked with her father down the aisle, entering to "Only time" by Enya. The bride was handed over to Peter, and attendants could then listen to beautiful singing by a trio, performing the song "Tillägnan". After communal hymn 289 ("Guds kärlek är som stranden"), and readings from Gibran and the Bible, it was time for the wedding act. The bride and groom exchanged vows (see below) and rings, and sealed their acts with a kiss. They were now pronounced husband and wife by the minister.

As husband and wife, they enjoyed listening to "From this Moment", performed by a duet, and joined in singing communal hymn 200 ("I denna ljuva sommartid"). The ceremony ended with a joyous song by the trio ("Chapel of Love"), and the couple walked out to "L'envie d'aimer" (from a French musical).

AVI video - 1.3 MB - trio singing, garden and guests (15 sec.)
AVI video - 1.3 MB - recessional walk Peter & Marcelle (15 sec.)

Wedding vows
(Ruth 1:16-17)
(Peter) Tvinga mig inte att överge dig
och vända tillbaka.
Dit du går, går också jag,
och där du stannar, stannar jag.
Ditt folk är mitt folk,
och din Gud är min Gud.
Där du dör, vill jag dö,
och där vill jag bli begraven.
Herren må göra mig vad som helst
endast döden skall skilja oss åt.
(Marcelle) Ne me presse pas de te laisser,
de retourner loin de toi.
Oų tu iras j'irai,
oų tu demeureras je demeurerai.
Ton peuple sera mon peuple,
et ton Dieu sera mon Dieu.
Oų tu mourras je mourrai,
et j'y serai enterrée.
Que l'Éternel me traite dans toute sa rigueur,
si autre chose que la mort vient ā me séparer de toi.

Produced by Peter and Marcelle.