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The Cocktail Session

A cocktail session followed the wedding ceremony (see Wedding Ceremony) and was held in the inner courtyard of Nils Holgersson gården. Sparkling wine from the Loire region was served, and the couple was wished all the best with the marriage. They then left the session left to have their wedding pictures taken (see The Bride & Groom).

The Party

Dinner and party was held inside the farm, and it would be an evening with plenty of food and drinks (three desserts...), programs, singing, speeches, surprise show (belly dancer), and dancing of course. 52 guests attended the dinner, and the party went on until 04.00 in the morning.

Music was played from a jukebox, and the bride and groom danced to the first song ("I want to spend my lifetime loving you"). The umbrella dance - a French tradition - began to "The greatest reward" by Celine Dion. During the evening, guests could enjoy the wedding cake, watch fireworks, read in the party program (see Downloads and Materials) or try the Argile - the Lebanese waterpipe..!

Produced by Peter and Marcelle.