South-East Asia 1994

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First stop on Asia trip: Kupang, Timor, Indonesia. Me, Andreas & Cathy with some locals.
Whan I was still young and strong...
Sunset picture i Kupang, Timor, Indonesia.
A friendly Kakadua bird on the boat trip to Ende, Flores.
Macho guys: Mohammed & Andreas.
Beginning of the backpacking company in Indonesia. We met up with Mike & Jodie on Flores.
Picturesque mountain and scenery from Flores.
Our only "shower" in Moni, Flores...
Andreas performing for locals that just had shown us traditional Indonesian dance.
Local kids excited about my video camera. Ngada village, Flores.
View from Ngada, Flores.
Arriving at a small island outside Flores after a day's scuba diving.

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